Attack On American Liberty Remains – US Senate Rejects Udall Amendment

Today, the United States Senate failed to protect American liberty, voting to reject an amendment by Mark Udall to a Defense authorization bill that is almost certain to pass.

The Defense authorization legislation grants the U.S. military the power to put American citizens within the borders of the United States into prison without any criminal charge, without any time limit. All that the federal government will need to do to imprison Americans will be to merely accuse them of terrorism, without substantiating those charges with any evidence.

mark udall amendmentSupporters of this radical expansion of government power, which violates the right to fair trial guaranteed to us in the Constitution, say that it’s necessary to protect Americans from terrorism. Of course, Americans have been protected from terrorism for years without the need of arbitrary imprisonment without criminal charge.

Furthermore, antiterrorism experts say that these new government powers could actually cripple government efforts to thwart terrorism. FBI Director Robert Mueller has written an advisory letter that the provisions of the Defense authorization bill “may adversely impact our ability to continue ongoing terrorism investigations before or after arrest, derive intelligence from those investigations, and may raise extraneous issues in any future prosecution”.

The Udall Amendment would have removed the legislation’s unconstitutional power of imprisonment without criminal charge. This afternoon, that amendment failed to pass. It was rejected by a coalition of Republicans and Democrats who have become comfortable with the existence of totalitarian government powers. The vote wasn’t even close: 37 for Senator Udall’s protection of American freedom, 61 opposed to the Udall amendment, and 2 senators who didn’t show up to vote.

A roll call of the vote follows:

Democrats who voted FOR arbitrary imprisonment of Americans in the USA:

Senator Robert Casey, Senator Kent Conrad, Senator Kay Hagan, Senator Daniel Inouye, Senator Herb Kohl, Senator Mary Landrieu, Senator Carl Levin, Senator Joe Manchin, Senator Claire McCaskill, Senator Robert Menendez, Senator Ben Nelson, Senator Mark Pryor, Senator Jack Reed, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Republicans who voted FOR arbitrary imprisonment of Americans in the USA:

Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Senator John Barrasso, Senator Roy Blunt, Senator John Boozman, Senator Scott Brown, Senator Richard Burr, Senator Saxby Chambliss, Senator Daniel Coats, Senator Thomas Coburn, Senator Thad Cochran, Senator Susan Collins, Senator Bob Corker, Senator John Cornyn, Senator Mike Crapo, Senator Jim DeMint, Senator Michael Enzi, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Charles Grassley, Senator Orrin Hatch, Senator Dean Heller, Senator John Hoeven, Senator Kay Hutchison, Senator James Inhofe, Senator Johnny Isakson, Senator Mike Johanns, Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Jon Kyl, Senator Mike Lee, Senator Richard Lugar, Senator John McCain, Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Jerry Moran, Senator Robert Portman, Senator James Risch, Senator Pat Roberts, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Jeff Sessions, Senator Richard Shelby, Senator Olympia Snowe, Senator John Thune, Senator Pat Toomey, Senator David Vitter, Senator Roger Wicker

Democrats who voted AGAINST arbitrary imprisonment of Americans in the USA:

Senator Daniel Akaka, Senator Max Baucus, Senator Michael Bennet, Senator Jeff Bingaman, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator Maria Cantwell, Senator Benjamin Cardin, Senator Thomas Carper, Senator Chris Coons, Senator Richard Durbin, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Al Franken, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator Tom Harkin, Senator Tim Johnson, Senator John Kerry, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Frank Lautenberg, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Jeff Merkley, Senator Barbara Mikulski, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Bill Nelson, Senator Harry Reid, Senator John Rockefeller, Senator Charles Schumer, Senator Jon Tester, Senator Mark Udall, Senator Tom Udall, Senator Mark Warner, Senator Jim Webb, Senator Ron Wyden

Republicans who voted AGAINST arbitrary imprisonment of Americans in the USA:

Senator Mark Kirk, Senator Rand Paul

Senators who didn’t bother to participate in the vote:

Lisa Murkowski, Mark Begich


on “Attack On American Liberty Remains – US Senate Rejects Udall Amendment
12 Comments on “Attack On American Liberty Remains – US Senate Rejects Udall Amendment
  1. Another empirical example proving that a Second American Revolution is going to happen in order to protect our freedoms and liberities by a corrupted government.
    This is exactly why the Bill of Rights was written by our Founding Fathers.

  2. This is why we have to vote for RON PAUL 2012! Register republican 12 weeks before your primary/caucus. Vote for Dr. Congressman Ron Paul for the GOP Presidential Candidate.

  3. I’m in Michigan and Carl Levin(Mi Senator) with John McCain wrote the arbitrary imprisonment amendment and my other Senator Debbie Stabenow voted against the Udall amendment. Shame on them!! I had communicated to them to vote with Udall and they didn’t. I will contact them again and ask for an explanation (yeah, I know a waste of time) and I am seriously thinking it is time they were voted out of office. The problem is there is never any alternatives to vote for..So now what? My question is who do they get their money from? This is so egregious!!!

  4. I wrote this in response to that abomination of a vote.

    Please Do Not Disappear Me Dot Com

    An Excerpt:

    If we were registered with a list of other people who do not want to disappear, we could send a survivor to our local police department to register any Disappeared Ones as missing. Hopefully, the police in your area would be able to check with some Pentagon or Department of Homeland Security secret registries to determine if you are dead, being tortured or in a concentration camp.

    Of course your local police will not be able to get you out of a secret death camp but they might be able to say a few cryptic words to one of your relatives. You might hear words like these: ‘Your friend caught a fatal disease called honesty’ or ‘Your relative is not dead but she has a contagious disease called integrity so she can never be released.’

  5. This should give all of you the reason to vote for Ron Paul, who will curtail domestic abuse by the federal government, and he will bring our troops home to do what our constitution calls for, not what is does not call for. You people had better realize what this really means. This seals our fate. With drones, we cannot survive the tyranny that has arrived. We need to prepare to meet our maker, and know that neither death or false imprisonment can stop us from maintaining our liberty. And for all of you idiots that actually think Dick Cheney, & GW Bush were good men, you need to remove the scales from your eyes. Under disguise as doing good these men along with many before them have put this master plan into place. I myself am not going to be a grasshopper in their sight. Are you???

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  8. “The new White House Executive Order of March 16, 2012, the so-called ‘National Defense Resources Preparedness Order’ is a clear blueprint for total government control over the civilian economy, under the guise of ‘national defense.’ This latest outrage against the Constitution reminds me of the totalitarian world of Orwell’s 1984, where a few Ministries controlled everything. Below is our Counsel Ralph Fucetola JD’s analysis of this Executive Order.”

    Push Back here:

  9. I think it should be mandatory to read the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Go line by line, Explain what it means and what is does for the American people/citizen. No one understand what we have in America and what we are loosing. I am very disappointed and sad.

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