Senate Judiciary Vote to End DOMA: Who Voted How?

In a 10-8 vote today, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of overturning the Defense of Marriage Act. Click here to view a webcast of the proceedings. S. 598, the Respect for Marriage Act, would reinstate the Full Faith and Credit clause of the United States Constitution as it applies to marriage, granting recognition for all marriages in all states, regardless of who it is that is married. That bill will now head for the Senate floor, and if it passes there and in the House the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act will be overturned.

Voting to overturn DOMA by voting YES on S. 598 were:

Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut)
Christopher Coons (D-Delaware)
Dick Durbin (D-Illinois)
Dianne Feinstein (D-California)
Al Franken (D-Minnesota)
Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota)
Herb Kohl (D-Wisconsin)
Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont)
Charles Schumer (D-New York)
Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island)

Voting to preserve DOMA discrimination by voting NO on S. 598 were:

Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma)
John Cornyn (R-Texas)
Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa)
Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina)
Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)
Jon Kyl (R-Arizona)
Michael Lee (R-Utah)
Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama)


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4 Comments on “Senate Judiciary Vote to End DOMA: Who Voted How?
  1. Franken and Klobuchar,you are both left wing liberals and never, never, never vote for what your constituents want. Klobuchar, you have been in the Senate way too long and need to be removed in 2012 and Franken, you and your Acorn cronies stole the election and you are not legally a represenative of Minneaota. Why don’t you both resign right now and give the voters the chance to make some changes. You are both traitors to your constituents.

  2. The point that must be considered is this: when DOMA was enacted, there were no instances of legal marriage between same sex partners in any United State. That is not now and for some time the case. For strict constructionists, to be true to that awesome burden, it must be a requirement that the Constitution be upheld. Ordean B. is exercised for reasons that are personal but that have naught to do with the issue.

  3. Michael, As long as DOMA is on the books as a law all senate representatives are required to uphold it as part of their oath of office. And you can keep your opinions as to my reasoning to yourself. You do not have any idea as to the correspondence I have had with my two senators and what I said about them still goes.

  4. But, Ordean, DOMA is in conflict with the laws of several States. That must be recognized especially by one who thinks of him/herself as a conservative. After all, we are a nation that lives according to law and not the whim of any old girl from Minnesota.

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