Rob Cornilles Is Out Of Date On The Science Of Anthropogenic Global Warming

In yesterday’s Republican congressional primary in Oregon’s 1st district, Rob Cornilles emerged as the victor. This result is unsettling for district residents who want a U.S. Representative capable of crafting policy based on the facts, rather than on political ideology or the profit-interest of corporations that make large campaign contributions.

Just last year, speaking on the issue of global warming, Rob Cornilles declared, “There is absolutely no, there is no science that can be proven that suggests that man, that we through our activities advance climate change. I think it’s an arrogant position.”

Cornilles is plainly wrong. Consider the following statement: “Science has made enormous progress toward understanding climate change. As a result, the is a strong, credible body of evidence, based on multiple lines of research, documenting that Earth is warming. Strong evidence also indicates that recent warming is largely caused by human activities, especially the release of greenhouse gases through the burning of fossil fuels.”

It wasn’t Earth First that issued this statement. It came from a report by the National Research Council, a part of the National Academy of Sciences. Read the report, Advancing the Science of Climate Change, for yourself.

Then, call the Cornilles for Congress campaign at 503-922-2014, and ask when Rob Cornilles will get around to looking at the actual scientific data, instead of simply talking off the top of his head.

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