Ron Paul Fails To Stand Up For Liberty In Congressional Vote

Supporters of the presidential campaign of U.S. Representative Ron Paul go to an awful lot of trouble to depict Congressman Paul as a great defender of American liberty. However, when he had the opportunity to take action to defend liberty this week, he didn’t even show up to the fight.

When the House of Representatives voted for H. Con. Res. 13, it was promoting the idea that the USA is a Christian nation, with an official government endorsement of belief in the Christian deity, God.

That’s in plain violation of the Constitution of the United States of America, which plainly states that Congress cannot pass laws to establish government religion.

So, where was Ron Paul, the supposed defender of liberty, during this vote?

He didn’t even come to Congress. He was too busy, out on the campaign trail, promoting himself as a champion of the Constitution, to be bothered to actually show up to defend the Constitution.


on “Ron Paul Fails To Stand Up For Liberty In Congressional Vote
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  1. Tim, could you please respond to the substance of the article?

    Do you dispute the fact that Ron Paul didn’t bother to even show up for this vote?

  2. In Paul’s defense, he knows there’s no chance of defeating such a vote. Plus, the reality is you do have to pick your public battles when you’re campaigning.

  3. Nice straw man argument to make Ron Paul look like he is against the Constitution. This is what you choose to talk about when speaking on Ron Paul. Forget all the anti war and anti fed issues he raises, lets talk about a vote that he obviously would have voted no on since he would not vote for a bill that tried to tell the states what to do. The system sure is scared of Ron Paul if they are sending out the dis info agents.

  4. “Antiglobalist”, the people at That’s My Congress are not secret agents sent out by “The System” to make Ron Paul look bad. We don’t have “The System” membership cards, or “The System” secret decoder rings.

    You fail to identify the “straw man” in our supposed straw man argument.

    You’re expecting readers to accept the argument that Ron Paul “obviously would have voted no”. You have no evidence that’s the case. The facts, as we’re pointing them out, are clear: Given the opportunity, Ron Paul did NOT vote against this legislation.

  5. Antiglobalist has a great point. The article doesn’t let the readers know if the vote passed or failed. The article also doesn’t describe ardent Christian Nationalist and Preisdential candiadte, Michele Bachmann’s position. This whole site is really disappointing.

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