Roy Blunt Plays Golf With The 1 Percent In South Carolina Instead Of Serving In Missouri

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt left Washington D.C. this weekend, but he didn’t go to his home state of Missouri to talk to constituents. Instead, Senator Blunt flew down to the ritzy golf resort of Kiawah Island in South Carolina.

in south carolina instead of missouriBlunt went to engage in three days of meetings with nobody knows who at a “retreat” at the Sanctuary Hotel. Who did Blunt meet with, and what were the terms of the meeting? Did people pay Blunt for access to him at the hotel this weekend? Only people inside the Blunt political machine know for sure.

One thing’s for sure – it wasn’t working people from Missouri that Roy Blunt was meeting with. They can’t afford to fly over to a South Carolina beach resort to play golf and ask for political favors from their U.S. Senator for the weekend.

Roy Blunt was meeting with members of the 1 percent, the upper crust financial elites who treat members of Congress as portions of their great estates. The 99 percent of Missouri were in Saint Louis today, marching from Kiener Plaza from to the Justice Center.

How much would Occupy St. Louis have to pay Senator Blunt to play golf with them?

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