47 Senators Vote Against Justice Through Fair Trials

It should be a simple matter. As a matter of law, it used to be, but over the last decade, matters of law have become muddled in the United States.

There are prisoners, people that have been apprehended and are accused of having taken part in terrorist activity. Terrorism and terrorist conspiracy are crimes. When people are arrested and accused of crimes, they’re put on trial to determine their guilt. If there’s evidence of guilt sufficient to convince a jury, there’s a conviction, and then punishment. The Constitution requires that these trial take place fairly, and quickly, and in the place where the crime is alleged to have taken place.

no justice from these senatorsIt’s simple justice. It shouldn’t be controversial.

Yet, yesterday, 47 U.S. senators voted against this constitutional arrangement. They voted to block justice. They voted for S.Amdt. 753 to S.Amdt. 738 to H.R. 2112, an amendment to an amendment to an agricultural appropriations bill, “To prohibit the use of funds for the prosecution of enemy combatants in Article III courts of the United States.”

These senators are attempting to block the American government from subjecting accused terrorists to justice. They’re trying to disable the process that our free society uses to keep us safe.

The names of the senators who supported this irresponsible and dangerous action to corrode justice in the USA are:

Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Senator John Barrasso, Senator Roy Blunt, Senator John Boozman, Senator Scott Brown, Senator Richard Burr, Senator Saxby Chambliss, Senator Daniel Coats, Senator Thomas Coburn, Senator Thad Cochran, Senator Susan Collins, Senator Bob Corker, Senator John Cornyn, Senator Mike Crapo, Senator Jim DeMint, Senator Michael Enzi, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Charles Grassley, Senator Orrin Hatch, Senator Dean Heller, Senator John Hoeven, Senator Kay Hutchison, Senator James Inhofe, Senator Johnny Isakson, Senator Mike Johanns, Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Jon Kyl, Senator Mike Lee, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Senator Richard Lugar, Senator John McCain, Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Jerry Moran, Senator Lisa Murkowski, Senator Ben Nelson, Senator Robert Portman, Senator James Risch, Senator Pat Roberts, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Jeff Sessions, Senator Richard Shelby, Senator Olympia Snowe, Senator John Thune, Senator Pat Toomey, Senator David Vitter, Senator Roger Wicker


on “47 Senators Vote Against Justice Through Fair Trials
4 Comments on “47 Senators Vote Against Justice Through Fair Trials
  1. Members of congress never cease to amaze me when they vote for such an outrageous piece of legislature. The republicans who vowed to keep us safe and strive for smaller government have just given the Federal government a license to hold any american without cause for as long as they please.
    God help us. We are definitely on a flippery slope to a place none of us want to be in. Again, God help us.

  2. Never in my life did I ever think Congrass would pass such a law! Short sighted at best, the 2012 NDAA strikes at the very heart of Liberty. As Ben Franklin said, “Those who would echange liberty for security,deserve neither”. Senators Saxby chambliss & Johnny Isakson and Congressman Jack Kingston, all of Georgia, should hang their heads in shame before our founding fathers.

  3. I’m very disappointed in Roger wicker he has let the people down I thought he was a better person but I know now he’s like all the rest of the dem. He needs to change sides everybody remember the 2014 election

  4. Not surprised that Lamar Alexander’s name is on a bill to arrest people for talking back. Both he and Corker are in the clutches of the neo cons who want to see European Americans reduced to minority status with heavy immigration from the 3rd world. What do these senators get in return? Smiles and happy pats on the backs from the zionist media. What do the media get from Corker? Votes to keep the wars going the Middle East for Israel.

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