How Independent is the Independent Women’s Voice?

Yesterday, an organization calling itself Independent Women’s Voice filed its quarterly report to the Federal Election Commission, detailing the independent expenditure donations it had made over the last three months. All of those independent expenditures were made to support one candidate: Robert Turner, a Republican who was elected to replace Anthony Weiner.

Also yesterday, another organization, the American Future Fund, filed its quarterly report on independent expenditures to the Federal Election Commission. That organization also reported independent expenditures to help only one candidate: Robert Turner. The independent expenditures were made within the same range of dates of the independent expenditures made by Independent Women’s Voice.

Independent Women’s Voice describes itself as “non-partisan”, but absolutely none of the independent expenditure spending Independent Women’s Voice has been for the benefit of a Democratic candidate. 95 percent of the candidates it has made independent expenditures for were Republicans, and the only other candidate the Independent Women’s Voice has supported with an independent expenditure was a right wing libertarian.

Just how independent is the Independent Women’s Voice?


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