Scott Brown ignores Boston Protests, Parties with Lobbyists 3x in 1 Week

Republican Senator Scott Brown drove by the Occupy Boston protests against corporate greed last week. He didn’t get out of his car. He didn’t talk to any of his constituents. He didn’t even roll down his window. He didn’t have time for people peaceably assembling to petition for the redress of grievances. That’s old-school constitutional stuff. You know, 1776 and all that. Tourist stuff.

Scott Brown ignores dissenters in his home state, parties with corporate lobbyists three times in one weekSenator Scott Brown has plenty of time for another set of his constituents. No, not home state constituents from Massachusetts. I’m talking about Scott Brown’s financial constituents. Tomorrow, he’ll be at an invitation-only fundraiser at 575 7th Street NW inside the Washington DC Beltway, where representatives of corporate PACs can pay $1,000 for the privilege of face time with the Senator who’s too busy for Bostonians. The day after that, Scott Brown will be sharing breakfast at the swanky Capitol Hill oyster bar Johnny’s Half Shell, where the price tag for a conversation with the Senator stands at $2,500. Wednesday the 19th, Scott Brown will sup just a block up Capitol Hill with yet more lobbyists at the tablecloth-and-beer Dubliner restaurant, where corporate PAC contributors will have to write a check for $2,500 to get in the door.

Lots of time for DC corporate money. No time for dissenting constituents. It’s a funny way of running for re-election… if you believe that the little people still matter.

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