Will Congress Deny The Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange Initiative Again?

India and the United States of America share a tradition of non-violent civil disobedience. American Henry David Thoreau influenced Indian Mohandas K. Gandhi who in turn influenced American Martin Luther King Jr.

gandhi-king initiativeOn Friday, in order to honor this activist cultural connection, and to encourage its continuation, U.S. Representative introduced H.R. 3056, legislation that would establish a Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange Initiative, bringing students, scholars and professionals from the United States and India into contact with each other to discuss and discover new concepts in non-violent activism. This isn’t the first time that the idea of the Gandhi-King exchange has been proposed in Congress, however. Similar legislation was introduced in 2009 – when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, but the bill was not accepted and promoted by Democratic Party leadership.

The 23 sponsors of the current Gandhi-King exchange legislation are as follows. Will the other members of the Democratic Party in the House join them, or allow the cross-cultural connection to remain neglected?

John Lewis (Democrat-GA, District 5), Earl Blumenauer (Democrat-OR, District 3), Donna Christensen (Democrat-VI, District 0), Steve Cohen (Democrat-TN, District 9), John Conyers (Democrat-MI, District 14), Elijah Cummings (Democrat-MD, District 7), Danny Davis (Democrat-IL, District 7), Bob Filner (Democrat-CA, District 51), Raul Grijalva (Democrat-AZ, District 7), Luis Gutierrez (Democrat-IL, District 4), Michael Honda (Democrat-CA, District 15), Sheila Jackson Lee (Democrat-TX, District 18), Jesse Jackson (Democrat-IL, District 2), Barbara Lee (Democrat-CA, District 9), James McGovern (Democrat-MA, District 3), Gregory Meeks (Democrat-NY, District 6), Gwen Moore (Democrat-WI, District 4), Eleanor Norton (Democrat-DC, District 0), Donald Payne (Democrat-NJ, District 10), Charles Rangel (Democrat-NY, District 15), Bobby Rush (Democrat-IL, District 1), Pete Stark (Democrat-CA, District 13)

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