Congress Ignores Wall Street Protest, Ben Emery Calls Attention To It

Wall Street has witnessed an historic protest over the last week, a political demonstration that has occupied Zuccotti Park in New York City’s financial district for six days now, with no end in sight. The demands of the group of protesters are many, but focus on the restoration of economic justice in a time when corporate profits and financial elites’ investment incomes are rising at the expense of working Americans.

The protest on Wall Street has succeeded in gaining the attention of the American people, who are eagerly reading stories about the occupation day after day. Yet, not one single member of the U.S. House or Senate has even mentioned the protests in any speech on Capitol Hill. Sitting members of Congress seem determined to pretend that the Wall Street protests aren’t even happening.

One candidate for Congress, however, isn’t going along with this campaign of silence. Ben Emery, a Green Party candidate running against Republican Representative Tom McClintock is using his Facebook account to spread word of the Occupy Wall Street protest, writing, “We need to stand together if we are going to wrestle control of our government from big money special interests.”

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