71 Percent Of Most Corrupt In Congress Are Republicans

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Government has released a report this morning entitled Crews Most Corrupt Members of Congress. In the report are the following 14 members of Congress:

Charles Bass
Vern Buchanan
Stephen Fincher
Michael Grimm
Frank Guinta
Gregory Meeks
Nick Rahall
Laura Richardson
David Rivera
Harold Rogers
Jean Schmidt
David Vitter
Joe Walsh
Maxine Waters

A few characteristics of these corrupt members of Congress immediately stand out. First, only one is a member of the Senate. Second, 10 out of the 14 are Republicans.

A third pattern is particularly alarming. 6 out of the 13 corrupt members of the House of Representatives are in their first year in Congress. That’s 46 percent of the worst corruption in the House coming from the group elected in 2010. The portion of House members in their first term is only 21 percent. That means that the politicians elected to Congress in 2010 are disproportionately corrupt – and it’s just their first year in Congress, so they’ve barely had time to get started.


on “71 Percent Of Most Corrupt In Congress Are Republicans
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  1. This is just another GOOD OLD BOY SYSTEM here in Florida! People think all of this is TRUE? When it comes time to vote in 2012? Remember what the GOP did to all of us AMERICANS last time ! Think about it? Romney is in a huge CULT/Mormans and only wants to kill everything they can and give our money to GOP companys!

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