Congressional Progressive Caucus Proposes Strong Liberal Jobs Bill

The “Jobs Bill” produced by President Barack Obama last week was a big disappointment to liberal Democrats. The Obama plan would cut the amount of money going to Social Security and slash Medicare benefits. Those are not considered acceptable sacrifices by progressive Americans who note that Wall Street and the investor class have been increasing their wealth over the last couple of years, while working Americans have been left behind and the poverty rate has grown.

rebuild the american dream frameworkA few days ago, I wrote that the Congressional Progressive Caucus was failing to stand up to the anti-progressive Obama jobs bill. As of today, that’s no longer the case. Today, the Congressional Progressive Caucus introduced the Rebuild the American Dream Framework, legislation that would create jobs without sacrificing Medicare or Social Security. Instead, the progressive jobs bill from the caucus would ask for sacrifices from America’s millionaires and billionaires, and end subsidies for big oil companies. the legislation would also close tax loopholes for American corporations that evade responsibility by moving their headquarters to foreign countries.

Explaining the need for a progressive jobs bill, the Congressional Progressive Caucus wrote:

“After months of Americans speaking out across the country, Washington is finally starting to wake up to the demands of the people. They do not lack a work ethic; they lack work. They know that a nation isn’t prosperous or free when big corporations sit on record profits while millions of people sit idle in their homes. They want Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid protected. They think big banks should help pay to clean up the mess they have made. They want the rich to pay their fair share, and want an end to the money politics where predatory corporate lobbies rig the rules to benefit a wealthy few.”

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