Blake Farenthold Denies Global Warming While Texas Burns Around Him

“Global warming is scare tactic used by groups with a political agenda,” says Congressman Blake Farenthold, who represents the 27th district of Texas.

Guess who’s scared now? It’s Blake Farenthold, who on Friday begged his colleagues to send the help of the federal government to Texas, to deal with catastrophic wildfires.

“Mr. Speaker, since December, fires have been ravaging drought-stricken Texas, claiming 2 lives, more than 1,500 homes, and 3.5 million acres of land,” Farenthold explained. “Just this week, fires have crept into eight more counties, forcing thousands to evacuate and wait in fear, praying their homes and life savings don’t go up in smoke.”

global warming is a scare tacticWhat Blake Farenthold didn’t mention was the reason for the massive wildfires in Texas.

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration have released temperature data from this summer, and concluded that the summer of 2011 was the second hottest summer in the USA on record. In Texas, the temperatures have been particularly hot. In fact, Texas has had the hottest summer ever recorded in any state in the entire United States of America this year.

That record-breaking heat has been combined with a record breaking drought – just the sort of extreme drought that has been predicted for Texas by scientists who study climate change.

These aren’t scare tactics. They’re facts.

Texas was warned. Texas politicians like Blake Farenthold ignored the warnings, and now Texas is suffering the consequences.

Even as the clouds of smoke spread across Texas, Blake Farenthold still won’t admit that he was wrong.

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