Todd Akin Ignores Wildfires To Deny Global Warming Reality

It’s a passion sweeping through the Republican Party. Eagerness to express the idea that global warming is not real is growing among GOP politicians, even as evidence that global warming is having a devastating impact on Americans’ lives is stronger than ever before.

This week, the National Snow and Ice Data Center shows that the surface area of ice covering the Arctic Ocean has matched the record low extent that occurred in 2007 – and the ice is thinner this time. Texan Republican presidential candidates Ron Paul and Rick Perry continue to insist that global warming is a hoax, even as the sort of extreme and numerous wildfires predicted by climatologists as a consequence of global warming devastate Texas. In the Journal Geophysical Research Letters, a scientific analysis soundly refutes the claim by Roy Spencer that clouds, and not carbon dioxide, cause global warming.

todd akin is highly suspectAll this seems to have passed U.S. Representative Todd Akin by. Akin has declared that global warming is, “highly suspect”.

Like other believers in a Cold Earth, Akin refuses to cite the factual grounds for his suspicion that global warming isn’t really taking place. Scientists have raw data and tested climate models. Congressman Akin, it seems, has nothing but a hunch.

Will Missouri voters continue to support a politician who legislates on the basis of guesswork? Global warming is real. Todd Akin is highly suspect.

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