Company Engaged In Communist Offshore Drilling In China: Which Republicans Took Their Money?

ConocoPhillips made the news this week when its offshore oil drilling operations in Bohai Bay spilled large amounts of petroleum out into the surrounding ocean waters. Few Americans knew that American oil companies like ConocoPhillips were engaged in offshore drilling along the coast of China, or that American oil companies were partnering with Communist state-owned energy operations in the giant Asian nation. They had been told that China was invading American waters to drill for oil, not the reverse.

bohai bay oil spillOf course, though ConocoPhillips works to prop up the Communist regime in China through offshore drilling for oil, the majority of its organization is capitalist. Here in the United States, workers at ConocoPhillips suffer the consequences of the company’s harsh capitalism. Last year, ConocoPhillips CEO James Mulva was given over 17.9 million dollars in pay and other forms of financial compensation. ConocoPhillips was not at all as generous with its other employees. The median worker wages at ConocoPhillips were just 00.185 percent (that’s 18.5 hundredths of a perc