Tim Rupli’s Fundraiser for Heath Shuler PAC appears to be a Complete Bust

The light may beThe Rupli Townhome: 446 New Jersey Avenue SE Washington DC, the location of multiple fundraising parties held by influence broker Tim Rupli. on, but nobody’s home.

As the Sunlight Foundation documented with its copy of an intercepted invitation, a fundraising dinner party was scheduled for January 18 2011 in the infamous 446 New Jersey Avenue townhome of anti-immigration and pay-day lender Tim Rupli. The beneficiary: a “3rd & Long” PAC run by Blue Dog Coalition chair and conservative congressional Democrat Heath Shuler. As you can see from that copy of the invitation, the price of admittance was $2,500-$5,000 per PAC.

Tim Rupli's invitation to his townhome for a 3rd & Long PAC fundraiser.  Cost of invitation: $2500-$5000 per PAC.

How did the Rupli fundraiser turn out for Shuler and his 3rd & Long PAC? Not so well. According to the 3rd & Long PAC disclosure filed with the FEC to cover activity in the month of January 2011, the PAC didn’t receive a dime all month. It appears that the Blue Dog-Rupli fundraiser was a complete bust.

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