Fact Check: is Michele Bachmann’s Record of Congressional Accomplishment Nonexistent?

In the Republican presidential debate of August 11 2011, contender Tim Pawlenty said of fellow contender Michele Bachmann, “Representative Bachmann’s record of accomplishment is nonexistent.”

Is this true? Let’s summarize Rep. Bachmann’s actual record in the 110th, 111th and 112th Congresses:

In the 112th Congress, Michele Bachmann introduced 7 bills. None passed.

In the 111th Congress, Michele Bachmann introduced 20 bills and 2 amendments. Two measures passed:

1. H.Res.373: Expressing support for the designation of September as “National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month.” Passed by Voice Vote.
2. H.Amdt.634: Requiring the Department of Energy Inspector General to report to Congress on waste, fraud and abuse within the Department. Passed by Voice Vote.

In the 110th Congress, Michele Bachmann introduced 16 bills and 1 amendment. Two measures passed:

1. H.Res.789: Honoring public child welfare agencies. Passed by roll call vote.
2. H.Res.923: Recognizing the State of Minnesota’s 150th Anniversary. Passed by roll call vote.

Nominally speaking, Tim Pawlenty is wrong. Michele Bachmann does have a record of accomplishment after all; it’s just a record of weak accomplishment. Bachmann has passed three rhetorical bills with no force of law, and one amendment that asks an Inspector General to conduct inspections. That’s a record. It’s four accomplishments. Whether these are four accomplishments to be proud of is another matter.


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  2. If one only took the time to see that the 110th Congress was from Jan. 2007-Jan. 2009, and the 111th Congress was from Jan. 2009-Jan. 2011 when BOTH Houses of Congress were controlled by the Democrats, it’s amazing that even these amendments she proposed were passed thru the committee process at all. Remember that it was Jan. 2007 that Ms. Pelosi changed the House rules so that the Repbulicans would have very little opportunity to change amendments by way of the “motion to recomitt” process. …. http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=30143 .

  3. John,
    Take a look at her record this Congress. Equally abysmal. With the Republicans in charge. That is, when she cares to show up for work.

  4. Dear Mr. Lytle:

    Do you really believe that Mr. Obama’s legislative record has any relevance when discussing Ms. Bachmann’s career?

    To date, Ms. Bachmann’s Congressional career has only shown mild success as a critic, and nothing substantive. I take no issue with conservative views. My response to you deals with delivery, the specific messenger.

    Face the facts… From kissing a started President Bush shortly at the State of the Union Address, through the numerous verbal gaffs during her presidential bid, she has proven to be little more than greedy for public attention… on our collective nickel. And choosing to not to live in the District that she represents… speaks volumes (regarding an entitled attitude)!

    Given that she outspent her current opponent 12:1 and that it was still so close, only affirms the above.
    Conservatives deserve better and should find someone who can represent Minnesota proudly instead for continually being an embarrassment.

    “Do-overs” are the exception, not the rule, when a president represents Our Country on the international scene. Conservatives and Liberals alike should expect the best from our elected officials, and Ms. Bachmann has exceeded her allotment (of “do-overs”).

    Robert Barros

  5. No, that`s not a salient question. Barack Obama is now, and has been for four years, the President. We are on a page focused on Ms. Bachmann, It would be as irrelevant as asking about your record.

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