Congressional Out Of Poverty Caucus Sends Warning To Obama

Yesterday, as Barack Obama was signaling his willingness to cut Social Security and Medicare without any tax increases for wealthy Americans, Barbara Lee, chair of the Congressional Out of Poverty Caucus, sent a warning to the President. A letter from the caucus to the Obama White House read:

“Programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, low-income housing benefits, and earned income tax credit benefits must not be put in jeopardy in the name of deficit reduction, which will only create a greater cost burden to us in the future… We simply cannot afford to balance the budget on the backs of the poor. The COPC shares the concerns of an earlier letter sent to you in late June 27, 2011 by a list of think tank and nonprofit organizations advocating that deficit reduction efforts do not result in an increase in poverty. While we understand the need for fiscal responsibility, we also recognize the need to invest in programs that protect poor and vulnerable communities, especially in the face of economic hardship. Therefore, staying committed to safety net programs in health, education, housing, and employment is both a moral and economic responsibility that we cannot afford to ignore in the midst of deficit reduction efforts.”

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