9 Republicans Vote Against Homophobia

The military appropriations amendment offered by Tim Huelskamp was homophobic in the classic sense: Based in an irrational fear of homosexuality.

Huelskamp’s amendment will, if it’s agreed to by the Senate, forbid the training of military chaplains in how to deal with the transition away from the discriminatory policy commonly called Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which made it compulsory for the military to kick out homosexual soldiers. It’s already been decided that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is going away. Huelskamp’s amendment won’t change that. All it would do is create an obstacle to the effective move out of discrimination, encouraging a pocket of resistance among chaplains, undermining the policy of integration.

Out of the 239 Republican members of the House of Representatives, 227 voted in favor of this obstructionist amendment that seeks to prolong discrimination in an arm of the federal government. 9 Republicans, however, had the good sense to see Huelskamp’s effort for what it was. The 9 Republicans who voted no were: Justin Amash, Judy Biggert, Mary Bono Mack, Bob Dold, Richard Hanna, Nan Hayworth, Leonard Lance, Patrick Meehan, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

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