80 Percent of House Republicans Vote Against Budget Cuts

Republicans in Congress like to boast that, if the Democrats would just get out of their way, they’d cut government spending. However, when a Democratic member of Congress offered Republicans an opportunity to make a large cut in government spending yesterday, only 20 percent of Republicans in the House of Representatives voted in favor of cutting spending.

190 house republicans vote no to cutsThe vote came as a part of consideration of proposed legislative amendments to H.R. 2219, a bill to provide funding for the military in 2012. U.S. Representative Barney Frank offered amendment number 97, to cut 8.5 billion dollars in spending from the Pentagon budget, without taking the money from materials and services designated to support individual members of the armed forces. Congressman Frank has asked his colleagues to work with him to “find ways in which we can reduce military spending so that we fully protect the legitimate interests of the United States, but end a situation in which military spending makes impossible demands on any effort to reduce the deficit.”

Only 47 House Republicans voted in favor of the budget cuts. 190 House Republicans voted against them.


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