Who is David Weprin?

Who is David Weprin?  A few answers to that question.As the news comes in that David Weprin will be running on the Democratic ticket in a special election to replace Anthony Weiner as Representative for New York’s 9th District, the most common question seems to be, “Who is David Weprin?” The following are a few answers to that question:

1. Not a Novice. Although Weprin is in his first term in the New York State Assembly, he is no newcomer to politics, having served eight terms on the New York City Council, a body governing ten times as many people as the entire state of South Dakota.

2. Supporter of Equal Rights for Gay and Lesbian People. David Weprin was recently honored by LGBT activists in Queens, not just for recently voting up same-sex marriage in New York State, but for a long history of supporting equality before the vote.

3. Inclined to Outlaw Social Problems. Before being named as a U.S. Congressional candidate, David Weprin had sponsored a bill to prohibit adults from smoking in their own cars when children younger than 14 are present, another bill to put more traffic light enforcement cameras in NYC, and a third bill to give taxpayers money to install devices in their cars that would flash an indicator light to police when they weren’t wearing a seat belt.

4. In favor of regulating commercial speech. In the Assembly, Weprin introduced bills to make it illegal for advertisements to put disclaimers in very small type, to require new disclaimers by gas stations, to outlaw blurred sexual content.

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