War And The Replacement For Lynn Woolsey

When U.S. Representative Lynn Woolsey announced her decision not to seek re-election to Congress next year, she received statements of praise from Democratic Party leaders. Conspicuously missing in most of those statements, however, was a recognition of Woolsey’s consistently strong opposition to war. Woolsey’s anti-war position has been considered a problem to many congressional Democrats, because it counters the efforts of some to turn the Democratic Party into a hawkish political organization.

There’s a similar conspicuous absence of the anti-war issue in the campaigns of two out of the three Democrats running to replace Woolsey in Congress. Susan Adams, Jared Huffman and Norman Solomon are all campaigning to be the next Democratic U.S. Representative for California’s 6th district, but only one of these candidates is running on an anti-war platform.

Neither Susan Adams nor Jared Huffman express any commitment to oppose war on their campaign web sites, to continue the work of Lynn Woolsey. Norman Solomon does commit to work for peace, and with great passion and depth of ideas.

For anti-war activists in the 6th district, Normon Solomon seems to be the clear choice.

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