Whitehouse Reminder Of Global Warming Reality

Rick Santorum made headlines this week by calling global warming “junk science”, but his comment was really just political science. Actual, peer-reviewed, professional science has overwhelmingly supported the anthropogenic hypothesis of global warming. Just this week, three new points of data have been added to the mountain of information and analysis that’s behind the conclusion that human beings are causing global warming.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse sought to remind Americans of the reality of global warming science yesterday. He stood on the floor of the Senate and spoke of a 2007 report that the U.S. Congress directed the National Academy of Sciences to write, so that Congress would have reliable facts upon which to found realistic climate policy.

That report warned Congress that global warming is real, that the causes are largely human, and that the cost of inaction would be grave. Yet, Congress has taken no comprehensive action as a result of that scientific report.

Senator Whitehouse warned that the reality of global warming is being ignored at our peril, saying, “The report is an urgent call to action by a widespread group of our most responsible scientists, peer reviewed by our most responsible universities. Why, then, is it being ignored? I believe many of my colleagues are ignoring this report because they are hoping this problem of carbon pollution changing the atmosphere and the climate of our planet will go away. They are hoping that somehow, if we don’t discuss it–indeed, if we deny it–climate change will not happen. If we ignore the laws of physics and chemistry and biology, those laws may cease to apply to us. We can repeal a lot of laws in this Senate, but we cannot repeal the laws of nature, and we are fools to ignore them.”

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