The 10 Members of Congress with the Most Active Legislative Careers

The Library of Congress has just rolled out a list of the 100 most active legislators in the history of the U.S. Congress, measured by bills introduced. The Top 100 list is filled with stellar names from history that you should recognize, from Claude Pepper of the House to Jesse Helms of the Senate (apparently “Senator No” should have been named “Senator How About This, Then?”). A surprising number of the Top 100 are still at it, still on Capitol Hill, adding legislation all the time to their current list.

The ten current members of Congress with the most active legislative careers are:

  1. Senator Daniel Inouye with 1,585 bills to his name
  2. Senator Orrin Hatch with 1,140 bills
  3. Representative Charles Rangel with 842 bills
  4. Representative Pete Stark with 836 bills
  5. Senator Dianne Feinstein with 801 bills
  6. Senator John McCain with 777 bills
  7. Senator Charles Grassley with 776 bills
  8. Representative Don Young with 744 bills
  9. Senator Frank Lautenberg with 687 bills
  10. Senator Jeff Bingaman with 685 bills

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