Interstate Recognition for Guns, Not Marriage

Number of supporters of H.R. 875, a bill to prohibit any federal judge from ruling that under Article IV Section I of the Constitution states must recognize and honor other states’ marriages, including same-sex marriage: 27

Number of the supporters of H.R. 875 who also support H.R. 822, a bill to mandate that states must recognize and honor other states’ weapons permits, including permits to carry a concealed weapon: 25

Names of those Representatives who demand interstate recognition of concealed weapon permits but would prohibit interstate recognition of same-sex marriages:

Rep. Todd Akin (Republican-MO, District 2)
Rep. Rodney Alexander (Republican-LA, District 5)
Rep. Michele Bachmann (Republican-MN, District 6)
Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (Republican-MD, District 6)
Rep. Joe Barton (Republican-TX, District 6)
Rep. Dan Burton (Republican-IN, District 5)
Rep. John Carter (Republican-TX, District 31)
Rep. John Fleming (Republican-LA, District 4)
Rep. Randy Forbes (Republican-VA, District 4)
Rep. Bob Gibbs (Republican-OH, District 18)
Rep. Ralph Hall (Republican-TX, District 4)
Rep. Jeb Hensarling (Republican-TX, District 5)
Rep. Walter Herger (Republican-CA, District 2)
Rep. Samuel Johnson (Republican-TX, District 3)
Rep. Walter Jones (Republican-NC, District 3)
Rep. Jim Jordan (Republican-OH, District 4)
Rep. Doug Lamborn (Republican-CO, District 5)
Rep. Jeff Landry (Republican-LA, District 3)
Rep. James Lankford (Republican-OK, District 5)
Rep. Robert Latta (Republican-OH, District 5)
Rep. Randy Neugebauer (Republican-TX, District 19)
Rep. Bill Posey (Republican-FL, District 15)
Rep. Dennis Ross (Republican-FL, District 12)
Rep. Marlin Stutzman (Republican-IN, District 3)
Rep. Joe Wilson (Republican-SC, District 2)

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