Three Democrats Vote For Big Oil Giveaway

This week, the U.S. Senate voted on S. 940, a bill that would have reduced government spending by tens of billions of dollars simply by eliminating federal subsidies to big oil corporations. Those corporations make immense profits, partly by selling products made with petroleum at increasingly high prices. These corporations simply don’t depend on government subsidies, and the American people can’t afford to give so much money to big oil companies, what with the price of gasoline so high.

If ever a piece of legislation should have passed, this was it. It would have helped reduce the deficit, encouraged private enterprise, and ended public support for dirty, inefficient sources of energy. Yet, the legislation failed. Every single Republican in the Senate voted against this spending reduction plan.

Three Democrats in the Senate, Mark Begich, Mary Landrieu, and Ben Nelson, also voted against S. 940, though.


Senator Landrieu has taken $794,844 from the oil and gas industry.

Senator Begich, with his shorter career, has taken $140,055.

Senator Nelson has taken $230,055.

These are just the direct, reported donations. Indirect donations, such as independent expenditures, bring these transfers of money much higher.


on “Three Democrats Vote For Big Oil Giveaway
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  1. How sad that these democrats went for money over protecting their constituents from the special interests. Can they sleep at night? Perhaps they tell themselves that there were special reasons for doing this, but that is just bad people consoling themselves. There is absolutely no excuse for siding with big oil, the country is in trouble and they put their own selfish needs above that.

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