Marcy Winograd Sprints Into Special Election to U.S. House in California

With a campaign slogan of Jobs With Peace and campaign headquarters for the Venice Center for Peace, Marcy Winograd is not what the 36th congressional district is used to seeing in a congressional candidate. That’s the point of her campaign, though. After years of suffering under a Blue Dog Democrat who voted like a Republican much of the time, Winograd is promising a change, shifting toward the liberal values of the district.

Today is the date of the special election to replace Jane Harman, and large numbers of Democrats will be turning out to vote for Marcy Winograd, who is running to succeed Harman on the following policy platform:

– Reduce the military budget, reinvesting one third of the savings in jobs to rebuild America
– Organize a Social Security and Medicare caucus in the House of Representatives
– Prevent education budget cuts and the privatization of public schoools
– End corporate tax evasion
– Close nuclear power plants and shift investment toward solar energy and wind energy

Keep an eye out late tonight for results of this exciting race.

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