Congressional Transparency Caucus Obscured

It has been over a month since the Congressional Transparency Caucus officially registered its existence with the Committee on House Administration. Unfortunately, there’s no more information about the caucus to share. No Transparency Caucus website has been established on the server for the House of Representatives. No list of members or schedule of meetings of the Transparency Caucus is available to the public, making the Transparency Caucus one of the less transparent congressional caucuses this year.

Even the Sunshine Foundation, which formed a parallel website of its own to encourage the work of the Congressional Transparency Caucus in the 111th Congress, has gone largely silent in reporting on the caucus this year, with no link to any information or reporting on the caucus other than a year-old news release by Rep. Mike Quigley hailing the Transparency Caucus’ launch.

Perhaps members of Congress might wish to consider forming a Congressional Opacity Caucus. It might share a bit more information about itself.

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