Sandy Adams Takes Dirty Energy Cash As She Promotes Dirty Energy

U.S. Representatives Sandy Adams is an unabashed supporter of the fossil fuels industry, speaking frequently in favor of aggressive drilling for natural gas and crude oil, disregarding environmental concerns.

Adams urges her colleagues in Congress to “increase domestic exploration for oil and natural gas reserves here in the United States… It is my belief this country will be the most secure and prosperous when it is able to rely on domestically produced energy sources, including oil and natural gas. This begins with exploring all the possible avenues of offshore drilling and on-land exploration.”

Wouldn’t you know it, but that’s the very same policy position supported by the fossil fuels industry. That’s not a coincidence, as Sandy Adams is herself supported by the fossil fuels industry. Adams has been in Congress for only a matter of weeks, but already she’s received a check from Exxon Mobil, and from Progress Energy, a company that operates coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants in the Southeastern United States, including Florida, where Representative Adams comes from.

Sandy Adams has also taken money this year from Susan Hirschmann, a lobbyist paid to represent Sunoco, one of the world’s biggest oil companies. Another lobbyist who’s handed money to Adams is Denise Henry, who represents the interests of Xcel Energy through the lobbying firm Capitol Counsel. Also giving money to Adams is Elizabeth Frazee, a lobbyist for Chevron.

Fossil fuels money already flows thick for Sandy Adams, and her first term in office isn’t yet even four months old. It would be downright unprofitable for Representative Adams to take a stand against the economic interests of the dirty energy industry.

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