Marcy Winograd Asks For Cuts To Military, Not Medicaid

Budget talks between Congress and the White House have broken down. The government of the United States of America will be shut down – for days, for weeks, no one knows how long.

In the 36th congressional district of California, Democratic candidate Marcy Winograd has identified a simple way to break the impasse: Cut military spending, rather than the social safety net. Winograd speaks clearly on this issue in a way that most on Capitol Hill are loathe to do.

She says, “Deficit hawks are gunning for both Social Security and Medicare, blaming entitlements for the deficit they created with out-of-control military spending. Never mind that Social Security is self-sustaining or that Medicare’s administrative costs are only 3 to 5%. The Republican battle plan is to seize the Social Security Trust fund and privatize Medicare. We must STOP this raid before we lose our greatest social safety nets. I am committed to protecting Medicare and Social Security from Wall Street greed.”

The special election in the 36th district will be on May 17.

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