Congressional Privacy Caucus Remains Private

A month ago, the Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus was recognized as an official Congressional Member Organization of the 112th Caucus. Who are the members of the Privacy Caucus? I can’t tell you; the identity of the members of Congress’ Privacy caucus is a secret with no public document to provide disclosure. With reference to the caucus’ web page I can at least tell you the names of the Privacy Caucus Co-Chairs. They are:

Rep. Ed Markey
Rep. Joe Barton
Senator Richard Shelby
Senator Christopher Dodd

… wait a minute. Senator Christopher Dodd? He’s not in the Senate any more; he’s working as a lobbyist “government affairs representative” for the movie industry. How could he be a co-chair of the Privacy Caucus? Clearly this information is out of date.

It turns out the entire web page for the Privacy Caucus is out of date… ten years out of date:

Congressional Privacy Caucus Website out of date... by ten years.

The last activity of the Privacy Caucus disclosed to the public was in March 2001, for a hearing charmingly titled “Has Your Email Been Bugged?” Ten years on, the answer for law-abiding American citizens is an unequivocal “Yes.” The conduct of our representatives in government, on the other hand, remains cozily sequestered, anachronistically private from the prying eyes of constituents.

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on “Congressional Privacy Caucus Remains Private
One Comment on “Congressional Privacy Caucus Remains Private
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