Protests Against Republican Cuts Erupt Across America

In 276 communities in all 50 states across the USA, people gathered this afternoon in protest against the federal budget cuts proposed by congressional Republicans. In Tennessee, protesting workers were arrested. In Ithaca, protesters carried signs reading:

Cut Wall Street, Not Firefighting
– Save the American Dream
– No Job Killing Budget
– We are Wisconsin
– Tired of Getting Trickled On Yet?

Tea Party protests in 2009 triggered a congressional flip of power from Republicans to Democrats. In 2011, however, it’s been pointed out that the largest Tea Party event ever was smaller than the protests in Madison, Wisconsin against Republican fiscal policies. The protests today were an extension of the Madison protests, seeking to defend the right of workers to organize, but also a more balanced fiscal policy which attempts to lower the federal budget deficit not just through spending cuts but also through increased contributions from millionaires and billionaires, and through the closing of tax loopholes that allow corporations to get away with paying practically no taxes at all.

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