Tim Scott Seeks Tax Favors For Corporations

Corporations in the United States of America pay remarkably few taxes. In fact, many corporations, having set up paper offshore bank accounts in places like the Bahamas, don’t pay any taxes at all.

What is the 112th Congress doing to confront this economic problem, which contributes to the growing federal budget deficit?

Yesterday, there was only one new piece of legislation introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. It was H.R. 937, from U.S. Representative Tim Scott, legislation that addresses the problem of low corporate taxes… by seeking to make them even lower.


on “Tim Scott Seeks Tax Favors For Corporations
2 Comments on “Tim Scott Seeks Tax Favors For Corporations
  1. Are you aware, Jack, that the United States does not have enough oil, either on land of under its waters, to supply the daily usage of gasoline?

    As for letting corporations that pay less in taxes than most working Americans to pay even less, what makes that “great”?

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