Tom Latham Campaign Distant In Space And Time

Congressman Tom Latham exemplifies the perpetual campaigner – the politician who never stops running for office, and never stops taking money from special interests. Latham has not yet authored a single bill that has been passed into law through the 112th Congress, but already he’s running for re-election in 2012.

Latham’s 2010 congressional campaign ended just three months ago, but he’s already planned the start of his next campaign, taking place less than a week from now. In the evening of February 28, Latham will hold what he’s calling a “Campaign Kickoff Reception”.

Latham represents the 4th congressional district in Iowa, an area that snakes around Des Moines and then heads northward. So, where in this district will Latham’s campaign kickoff be? Will it be in Ames? In Pocahontas? Down in Indianola? Over in Decorah?

No, Latham’s campaign kickoff won’t be in Iowa at all, it turns out. It will take place about one and a half thousand miles away from where any of Latham’s constituents have their homes. The campaign kickoff will take place in Washington D.C., and most of the people invited aren’t from Iowa. They’re Washington D.C. power brokers, and lobbyists bringing money to Latham.

The campaign kickoff for Tom Latham’s 2012 congressional campaign next week is being held at 409 G Street SE, Washington, D.C. That’s the townhouse of John Milne, a lobbyist for mCapitol Management, representing clients such as MWH Global and Rolls Royce.

Tom Latham’s 2012 campaign may just be kicking off next week, but it’s already wandered a long way from Iowa.

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