127 Congressional Conservatives Acknowledge Link Between Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change

Earlier this week we learned of an bill introduced by Senator John Barrasso that finally brought a caucus of oil industry-supported legislators in the Senate to the point of acknowledging that a certain class of chemicals released by industry act as greenhouse gases and have a warming effect upon the climate. This remarkable bill, S. 228, takes Senate conservatives all but one step to the position held by environmentalists and the overwhelming majority of atmospheric scientists. Although the bill accepts the central premises of human-caused global warming, in its final clauses it acts to prohibit the government from taking any action to address the problem.

The full set of supporters of S. 228 are:

Sen. John Barrasso (Republican-WY) — principal sponsor
Sen. Roy Blunt (Republican-MO)
Sen. John Cornyn (Republican-TX)
Sen. Jim DeMint (Republican-SC)
Sen. Michael Enzi (Republican-WY)
Sen. Orrin Hatch (Republican-UT)
Sen. James Inhofe (Republican-OK)
Sen. Mike Lee (Republican-UT)
Sen. Jerry Moran (Republican-KS)
Sen. James Risch (Republican-ID)
Sen. Pat Roberts (Republican-KS)
Sen. John Thune (Republican-SD)
Sen. David Vitter (Republican-LA)

By the end of this week, 114 conservative members of the House of Representatives had joined their Senate colleagues in acknowledging the nature of carbon dioxide and other chemicals as greenhouse gases tied up in the promotion of climate change. Like the 13 supporters of S. 228, the 114 supporters of H.R. 97 turn quickly from acknowledging anthropogenic industry-sourced global warming to prohibiting the government from doing anything about it. They are:

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (Republican-TN, District 7) — principal sponsor
Rep. Robert Aderholt (Republican-AL, District 4)
Rep. Rodney Alexander (Republican-LA, District 5)
Rep. Steve Austria (Republican-OH, District 7)
Rep. Michele Bachmann (Republican-MN, District 6)
Rep. Spencer Bachus (Republican-AL, District 6)
Rep. Joe Barton (Republican-TX, District 6)
Rep. Judy Biggert (Republican-IL, District 13)
Rep. Rob Bishop (Republican-UT, District 1)
Rep. Mary Bono Mack (Republican-CA, District 45)
Rep. Dan Boren (Democrat-OK, District 2)
Rep. Charles Boustany (Republican-LA, District 7)
Rep. Kevin Brady (Republican-TX 8th District)
Rep. Paul Broun (Republican-GA, District 10)
Rep. Larry Bucshon (Republican-IN 8th District)
Rep. Michael Burgess (Republican-TX, District 26)
Rep. Dan Burton (Republican-IN, District 5)
Rep. Ken Calvert (Republican-CA, District 44)
Rep. John Campbell (Republican-CA, District 48)
Rep. Francisco Canseco (Republican-TX, District 23)
Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (Republican-WV, District 2)
Rep. John Carter (Republican-TX, District 31)
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Republican-UT, District 3)
Rep. Howard Coble (Republican-NC, District 6)
Rep. Mike Coffman (Republican-CO, District 6)
Rep. Tom Cole (Republican-OK, District 4)
Rep. Michael Conaway (Republican-TX, District 11)
Rep. Rick Crawford (Republican-AR, District 1)
Rep. Geoff Davis (Republican-KY, District 4)
Rep. Jeff Duncan (Republican-SC, District 3)
Rep. Renee Ellmers (Republican-NC, District 2)
Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (Republican-MO 8th District)
Rep. John Fleming (Republican-LA, District 4)
Rep. Bill Flores (Republican-TX, District 17)
Rep. Elton Gallegly (Republican-CA, District 24)
Rep. Cory Gardner (Republican-CO, District 4)
Rep. Scott Garrett (Republican-NJ, District 5)
Rep. Jim Gerlach (Republican-PA, District 6)
Rep. Bob Gibbs (Republican-OH, District 18)
Rep. Kay Granger (Republican-TX, District 12)
Rep. Tom Graves (Republican-GA, District 9)
Rep. Morgan Griffith (Republican-VA, District 9)
Rep. Ralph Hall (Republican-TX, District 4)
Rep. Gregg Harper (Republican-MS, District 3)
Rep. Vicky Hartzler (Republican-MO, District 4)
Rep. Nan Hayworth (Republican-NY, District 19)
Rep. Jeb Hensarling (Republican-TX, District 5)
Rep. Tim Huelskamp (Republican-KS, District 1)
Rep. Duncan Hunter (Republican-CA, District 52)
Rep. Darrell Issa (Republican-CA, District 49)
Rep. Lynn Jenkins (Republican-KS, District 2)
Rep. Walter Jones (Republican-NC, District 3)
Rep. Jim Jordan (Republican-OH, District 4)
Rep. Peter King (Republican-NY, District 3)
Rep. Steve King (Republican-IA, District 5)
Rep. Jack Kingston (Republican-GA, District 1)
Rep. Doug Lamborn (Republican-CO, District 5)
Rep. James Lankford (Republican-OK, District 5)
Rep. Robert Latta (Republican-OH, District 5)
Rep. Christopher Lee (Republican-NY, District 26)
Rep. Jerry Lewis (Republican-CA, District 41)
Rep. Billy Long (Republican-MO, District 7)
Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (Republican-MO, District 9)
Rep. Cynthia Lummis (Republican-WY, District 0)
Rep. Daniel Lungren (Republican-CA, District 3)
Rep. Connie Mack (Republican-FL, District 14)
Rep. Kenny Marchant (Republican-TX, District 24)
Rep. Michael McCaul (Republican-TX, District 10)
Rep. Tom McClintock (Republican-CA, District 4)
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (Republican-MI, District 11)
Rep. Howard McKeon (Republican-CA, District 25)
Rep. David McKinley (Republican-WV, District 1)
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Republican-WA, District 5)
Rep. Candice Miller (Republican-MI, District 10)
Rep. Jeff Miller (Republican-FL, District 1)
Rep. Sue Myrick (Republican-NC, District 9)
Rep. Randy Neugebauer (Republican-TX, District 19)
Rep. Pete Olson (Republican-TX, District 22)
Rep. Ron Paul (Republican-TX, District 14)
Rep. Erik Paulsen (Republican-MN, District 3)
Rep. Mike Pence (Republican-IN, District 6)
Rep. Thomas Petri (Republican-WI, District 6)
Rep. Ted Poe (Republican-TX, District 2)
Rep. Mike Pompeo (Republican-KS, District 4)
Rep. Bill Posey (Republican-FL, District 15)
Rep. Ben Quayle (Republican-AZ, District 3)
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (Republican-CA, District 46)
Rep. Dennis Ross (Republican-FL, District 12)
Rep. Steve Scalise (Republican-LA, District 1)
Rep. Aaron Schock (Republican-IL, District 18)
Rep. James Sensenbrenner (Republican-WI, District 5)
Rep. John Shimkus (Republican-IL, District 19)
Rep. Bill Shuster (Republican-PA, District 9)
Rep. Michael Simpson (Republican-ID, District 2)
Rep. Adrian Smith (Republican-NE, District 3)
Rep. John Sullivan (Republican-OK, District 1)
Rep. Lee Terry (Republican-NE, District 2)
Rep. Glenn Thompson (Republican-PA, District 5)
Rep. Patrick Tiberi (Republican-OH, District 12)
Rep. Joe Wilson (Republican-SC, District 2)
Rep. Bill Young (Republican-FL, District 10)
Rep. Todd Young (Republican-IN, District 9)

It would be reasonable to ask these members of Congress why government should be prohibited from tackling a problem that they (many of them for the first time) have acknowledged exists. Is some other entity going to solve the problem? If so, which one and how? Or is their position simply that an acknowledged global problem should not be solved at all?


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  2. These members are telling their financial supporters with this vote that they are feeling the “heat” from their constituents that Global Warming is real.

    They are on the verge of supporting the science UNLESS they can be persuaded to turn the other way with a little more $$$…

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