Anti-Wolf Caucus Converges In Congress

A group of politicians on Capitol Hill has organized to defeat a common enemy: The wolf. This isn’t a metaphorical wolf. These members of the House and Senate have targeted actual wolves, the animals, for destruction in the United States.

Two identical bills, S. 249 and H.R. 509, have been introduced in the 112th Congress. The legislation would exempt the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act, allowing wolves across the United States to be hunted to the point of extinction.

canis lupisThe U.S. Senators who have endorsed this Wolf Extermination Act:

Orrin Hatch
John Barrasso
Mike Crapo
Mike Enzi
Jon Kyl
Mike Lee
John McCain
James Risch

The U.S. Representatives who have endorsed the Wolf Extermination Act:

Denny Rehberg
Rob Bishop
Dan Boren
Leon Boswell
Paul Broun
Dennis Cardoza
Jason Chaffetz
Dean Heller
John Kline
Raul Labrador
Cynthia Lummis
Jim Matheson
Mike Ross
Mike Simpson
Greg Walden
Don Young

They are not formally assembled as such, but these politicians have formed an anti-wolf caucus.


on “Anti-Wolf Caucus Converges In Congress
6 Comments on “Anti-Wolf Caucus Converges In Congress
  1. This Anti-Wolf coalition is an outrage!! Have any of these people done ANY homework at all on the subject! Entire eco systems could be destroyed by getting rid of top predators. Didn’t they learn anything from the near extinction of the wolf 80 some years ago??

  2. Their time is coming too….
    Wolves, do not worry.
    Their time will most definitely come.
    And father time, and fate, will have even less compassion for them, then they could for you, in their final hours.

  3. Eloquently stated truth, Sage Wolf. We are also a species…the HUMAN species and if we are to survive as a species ourselves then we must remember that in the grander scheme of things we are ALL as seemingly insignificant as those whom we seek to destroy. Why do we never seem to learn from our mistakes….prejudice, ignorance and hatred were the root core of previous eradication attempts and now….that very stigma rears up once again. Why is society’s answer to always kill what we are in contention with or feel threatened by… and why is it governments place to decide which species deserves to live…and which should die…? Sound science is best equipped to determine the viability of any species and which methods are best suited to ensure its survival. It is time we learn to accept responsibility for our actions and to live WITH nature…not work against her….and that requires education, an open mind….and a deeper appreciation for something other than yourself….. not anti- legislation and the inevitable extinction of a keystone species.

  4. Why have these ‘Representatives’ formed such an abhorrent alliance against against another species that belongs to the world? As homo sapien does!
    What ‘vested interest’ has financially supported this ‘unholy’ alliance?
    It is not the province of any element of mankind to determine the continued existence of other creatures, either through ignorance or for profit!!!!

  5. I would be good if you showed what states the senators are from and what state and districts the representatives are from so we could target them by supporting candidates running against them.

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