Inhofe Admits Global Warming Is No Hoax

Senator Jim Inhofe once infamously declared that global warming is the ” greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people”. This week, however, Inhofe has signed his name as a cosponsor to S. 228, a Senate bill that acknowledges the reality of climate change, of which global warming is a part. Very quietly, Inhofe has finally admitted that he was wrong, and that global warming is not a hoax mysteriously crafted by some ill defined secret environmentalist elite.

One would hope that, now that Senator Inhofe admits that global warming is real, he would be ready to confront the problem. Unfortunately, S. 228 is not part of such a solution. Through this legislation, Inhofe retains his old policy position of blocking action to confront the problem of global warming, even though he has acknowledged that the problem is real.

The proposed law, written by John Barrasso and given the title of the Defending America’s Affordable Energy and Jobs Act, prohibits the President from acting under current law to slow down climate change by regulating greenhouse gases in any way.

Why would Inhofe block action to confront global warming, now that he finally recognizes the problem is real? S. 228 justifies the prohibition on action to confront climate change by saying that legislators need more time to consider what kind of action to take, saying that a prohibition on greenhouse gas regulation would “allow sufficient time for Congress to develop and authorize an appropriate mechanism to address the energy needs of the United States and the potential global challenges posed by a changing climate.”

Congress has already had more than sufficient time to develop and authorize an appropriate mechanism to address the growing global challenges posed by a changing climate. Global warming has been known of for at least a generation now, and we’ve watched the temperature of our planet steadily increase, until last year became the hottest year ever recorded.

The time for detached contemplation is over. We can afford no delay. Each year that we fail to have a comprehensive, national plan to slow down global warming in place, the problem grows, and our power to deal with it diminishes.

Now that even James Inhofe admits that global warming is a real threat, Congress needs to pass legislation quickly to confront the danger. If Congress will not act, the Executive Branch must, using current legal authority such as that provided by the Clean Air Act and the Endangered Species Act to do so.

Post script:

Lest there be any doubt that the legislation signed by Senator Inhofe constitutes an admission that global warming is real, Section 3 of S. 228 lists the following as “greenhouse gases”, under the definition of a “substance subject to regulation, action, or consideration due to the contribution of the substance to climate change.”

Carbon dioxide.
Nitrous oxide.
Sulfur hexafluoride
“Any hydrofluorocarbon”
“Any perfluorocarbon”
Nitrogen trifluoride

Jim Inhofe isn’t just admitting that global warming is real. He’s admitting that global warming is due to human activities.


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  1. Is this site some sort of high school journalism project? Hell, there are all sorts of reasons a congressman like Inhofe would sign onto legislation like that. It’s a political decision solely. You kids sure are silly.

  2. No, not a high school project.

    Can you name one reason that Senator Inhofe would sign his name to legislation that declares that human-produced greenhouse gases are to blame for global warming, if Inhofe does NOT believe that human-produced greenhouse gases are to blame for global warming?

    You say there are all sorts of reasons. Name one.

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  4. Well, one reason was almost certainly that he was more interested in preventing the president from screwing up the economy any more than he was in how a bunch of obtuse liberal kids were gonna spin it.

  5. What’s spin? Have you read the bill? It explicitly states that greenhouse gases cause climate change, and James Inhofe signed his name to it. How is pointing that out “spin”?

  6. Perhaps the hoax is Senator Inhofe’s earlier claim not to believe that global warming is due to greenhouse gases emitted as a result of human industrial activities, because Inhofe has just signed his name in support of a piece of legislation that acknowledges that global warming is NOT a hoax, and that it’s caused by human-created greenhouse gases.

  7. Of course Carbon Dioxide is a ‘Greenhouse Gas’ but man’s contribution to it is so minor as to be laughable. Here are some facts, posted on the Energy Tribune by NRG1973… Followed by lengthy cut-and-paste spam – removed by editor

  8. No, it was not spam, just true information but, since this site only wants one side to be heard, it’s not posted & called spam. Typical & predictable. Too bad for you but the real truth is slowly getting out to the people, in spite of the MSM & sites like this. Of course, I don’t expect that you’ll post this either. That’s ok. Just wanted you to know that not all of us have our heads stuck where the sun don’t shine.

  9. Even one of the President’s own czars (I forget which one, sorry) admitted that, if the US stopped all industrial activity and all use of energy, we’d only achieve 1/3 of what the “experts” say we need to in order to “save the planet”

    And with China bringing on a new coal-fired power plant every 10 days, without the scrubbers that we require, any attempt by us to make a difference will be meaningless.

    And the sun’s activity swamps our puny green house gases. Scientists who study the sun’s activity seem to be able to predict warming and cooling trends a whole lot more accurately than Al Gore.

    And as for Inhofe’s book, he’s just setting up a nest egg. He may or may not believe a word in his book, or what comes from his mouth – he’s a politician after all.

    Sorry I don’t have sources for you. I’m not a journalist, but you can Google for more info if you like.

  10. George, your argument is equivalent to a person in a crowded, locked room, filling up with water, saying that he’s not about to start bailing out water because some other guy isn’t bailing water yet, and unless the other guy bails water, it won’t make any difference. It’s suicidal.

    George, are you aware of the three scientific studies just released that found that climatologists models of anthropocentric climate change have been extraordinarily accurate, and that changes in global climate cannot be explained by natural phenomena?

    I’m not a journalist, but I can point you two of the studies as just published in the journal Nature. The third article is in Geophysical Research Letters, by Kyle Armour and Gerard Roe.

  11. Well, it’s no secret that warmers lie a lot and this article is a clear example. First you lie by saying people who don’t buy into your political agenda are “climate deniers” – an odd term indicating that they don’t believe climate exists; of which global warming and cooling are a part. Then – you take a fact that’s always actually been in evidence (but not in agreement with your lie) – the fact that people who don’t buy your extreme political agenda are familiar with climate change – and have never denied its existence – and make that out to be a sudden radical change – lying further to say there is now agreement with your fundamental position – and lying further to pretend that’s even two cents worth of support for your political agenda. Lie lie lie lie lie – than wonder why people don’t believe you. Idiots!

  12. W., the record is clear. Senator James Inhofe has said that global warming is a hoax. It is not.

    Now, Senator Inhofe has changed his tune – but quietly. In this legislation Inhofe has signed his name to, it is acknowledged that human-produced greenhouse gases contribute to global climate change.

    Inhofe now admits to the problem, but refuses to allow the government to do anything about it, even though the constitutional mandate – interstate commerce and general welfare – is clear.

    It’s not a lie. It’s a matter of record.

  13. Anyone with a garden can tell you that more and more plants are hardy further north all the time, and that spring planting has been moved up significantly. Even creationist farmers have adjusted their planting and harvest cycles to accommodate longer season varieties. When money is on the line they have no qualms making the adjustment regardless of what they say in church. Climate change is real, and now even Infohe has admitted it. That should settle that part of the debate on all sides.

    The science is so close to unanimous that the cause is human activity, that there is no question about what is behind this. You never otherwise get that amount of complete agreement on any other scientific issue that is supposed to be controversial. Independent researchers everywhere have reached the same conclusion. That is pretty much open and shut. It doesn’t get much shutter than that, and the closer they look the more supportive detail they find.

    The increase also very closely follows the same curve as the dramatic explosion of human populations and their increasing industrialism over the last century, as if it needed any other support.

    That unfortunately is not going to change closed minds. They don’t want to be bothered by the facts; all they want are the spoon fed talking points they are addicted to, being essentially brainwashed. If they were the only ones on this sinking ship, I would say fine, an eventual improvement in the gene pool, but they insist on taking the rest of us down with them. They are being totally irresponsible, but then they have their own cult to support and spread. That is exactly what it is, too, a cult.

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