Kucinich Renews Call For Single Payer Health Care

While Republicans seek to frame a debate over whether to repeal health care reform passed last year by a Democrat-led Congress, U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich is attempting to shift the debate towards an expansion of health care reform. Kucinich’s goal: The elimination of for-profit health care in the United States.

Yesterday, Kucinich announced his campaign, saying, “Today, 50 million Americans have no health insurance. What are we going to do for them? Rather than waste time debating how much reform insurance companies will permit, if any, it is time to change the debate. It is time to end the for-profit health care model. It is a time for not-for-profit-health care, single payer, universal Medicare for all, with an emphasis on wellness and personal responsibility.”

Kucinich promised to expand upon this initial announcement today. This morning, he released a second announcement, which reads in part, “We have a for-profit health care system, where $800,000,000,000 every year is spent on corporate profits, stock options, executive salaries, advertising, marketing and the cost of paperwork. In the for-profit system that we have, nearly one out of every three health care dollars goes for things not related to health care. If we took that $800,000,000,000 and spent it on care for people, we’d have enough money to cover all medically necessary needs in addition to dental care, vision care, mental health care, prescription drugs and long-term care.”

In the 111th Congress, Representative Kucinich promoted a profit-free single payer health care system through a bill he called Medicare for All. Today, Kucinich declared his intention to reintroduce the Medicare for All legislation for the 112th Congress.

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on “Kucinich Renews Call For Single Payer Health Care
One Comment on “Kucinich Renews Call For Single Payer Health Care
  1. Thanks for posting this article. It initiated me taking the action of communicating to Representative Kucinich’s office that an investigative report is available for what the above article calls “health care reform” … which is the Affordable Care Act of 2010 and otherwise known as either “Obamacare” or the PPACA with its HCERA amendment.

    Here is the location of the investigative report, which is titled
    “Investigative Report: March 2010 Law: Benefits and Burdens”

    It was a massive job for the team of people who went through the hundreds of sections of the law and summarized the results. So we hope that someone can 1) take advantage of the results and 2) give feedback.

    Bob Haiducek, Bob the Health and Health Care Advocate,
    for the Medicare for All teams who support the Medicare for All website
    and the associated Million Letters for Health Care Campaign

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