Coffman Wants More Workers Laid Off

Unemployment is at 9.4 percent. Wages are down. Home foreclosures are set to surge once again, putting Americans out on the street.

Congressman Mike Coffman has a plan for how to deal with the problem: To lay off 2.75 million American workers.

It’s not a joke. Last week, Representative Coffman introduced H. R. 270, a bill that would layoff federal employees, forcing them to accept periods of unpaid leave.

Mike Coffman’s legislation is akin to an anti-jobs plan. There are federal workers in communities all across the country – not just in the big cities, but in rural communities as well. Their wages are translated into spending, keeping local businesses from going under in these difficult economic times. The forced work stoppage without pay that Coffman seeks to pass into law will be another blow to an economy that is already on its last legs.