War Unraveled

Despite promises to the contrary, it now seems clear that the war in Afghanistan will continue for three more years at a minimum, with some in Congress proposing a permanent military occupation of Afghan soil. Two years ago, as Americans prepared for the inauguration of Barack Obama as President, with a strongly Democratic House and Senate, the potential for peace seemed much stronger. The Democrats had won the White House and Capitol Hill, after all, based on promises of bringing American soldiers home.

As we near the inauguration of the 112th Congress, in which the Senate is still led by the Democratic Party, the time is opportune to remember the activism of Stitch For Senate, a group of activist knitters. Back in January 2009, Stitch for Senate members gathered together to discuss the cause of peace, and to knit helmet liners to send to every United States Senator as a reminder “to support the troops by bringing them home.” The helmet liners were sent on Inauguration Day.

The United States Senate may have largely ignored the message of Stitch for Senate, but the message continues to spread. The helmet liners created by the organization have traveled around the world, displayed in art museums as an example of especially crafty political protest.

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