Graham Wants US Military Permanently In Afghanistan

Senator Lindsey Graham has proposed making the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan permanent, with no final pull out, ever, “to ensure that country never goes back into the hands of the Taliban”. Graham wants American military bases to be built and filled with large numbers of U.S. soldiers, who would go out and fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in perpetuity.

The unspoken premise behind Graham’s argument that permanent military bases are necessary in Afghanistan is that the decade-long war in Afghanistan has failed in its goal of defeating militants in Afghanistan. The secondary goals of capturing Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar have failed as well, of course.

Graham’s plan for permanent military bases in Afghanistan would create permanent risk for U.S. soldiers, and a permanent grievance for Muslims, sparking new generations of terrorists eager to sacrifice themselves for their side of this new crusade. A by-product of the scheme would be permanent high levels of spending. Though military contractors may profit from the arrangement, most Americans would suffer, as domestic spending would be cut in order to pay for the never ending fighting in Afghanistan.

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