Jeff Flake Signals GOP Plan To Cut Social Security

Senator Tom Harkin and Congressman Pete DeFazio both warned about it the cynical power play. In Barack Obama’s tax deal with Republicans is a one year reduction in the taxes paid into Social Security. Harkin and Defazio warned that the Republicans would use this reduction in the money going into Social Security as a pretext to attack the long-term integrity of Social Security.

Now it’s happening. This week, U.S. Representative Jeff Flake declared that, because of the Obama deal’s temporary reduction in payments into Social Security, there ought to be permanent cuts in the Social Security payments that Americans receive.

Congressman Flake expressed outrage that there are not yet any cuts to Social Security. “Where are the cuts? Take, for example, the 2 percent payroll tax deduction. If it is a good idea to reduce the payroll tax, it is imperative that we couple it with a reduction in benefits on the other side.”

The real outrage ought to be that, in the wake of huge tax cuts given to billionaires, Republicans like Jeff Flake are now trying to take away Social Security benefits from Americans who have already paid for them.


on “Jeff Flake Signals GOP Plan To Cut Social Security
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  1. If the money that has been going into Social Security all these years had not been touched we would not be in this predicament. If all the money that has gone iinto Medicare all of these years had not been scammed there would be enough for that also. It is awful funny now that they the government decides to clamp down on medicare fraud when this should have been done from the get go, Yet we are suppose to suck it up while the rich in this country live like kings and queens and all of our jobs are sent overseas to placate these same rich fat cats so they can make more money and expect us to spend what little we have to survive. To hell with this government and the repubs especially!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It is not just the Repubs! President Lyndon B. Johnson (Dem) took Social Security out of “Trust Fund” status and put it in the “General Fund” and from there is was borrowed from,stolen from etc…! So in my opinion To hell with this government and both corrupt parties!

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