Bernard Sanders Campaigns Against Obama Tax Cuts For Billionaires

Calling Barack Obama’s plan to help Republicans pass tax cuts for billionaires a “moral outrage”, Senator Bernard Sanders has launched a campaign to rally enough opposition to block the measure. “Our job is to save the disappearing middle class, not lower taxes for people who are already extraordinarily wealthy and increase the national debt that our children and grandchildren would have to pay,” says Sanders.

Obama’s plan to give tax breaks to billionaires comes at about the same time that the Senate has rejected legislation by Sanders to provide Social Security recipients with a delayed cost of living increase in their payments. Sanders blasted those politicians who will “fight for a million-dollar-a-year tax breaks for billionaires but deny a $250 check for seniors and disabled veterans, especially at a time of rapidly rising health care costs.”

Sanders noted that 99 percent of recent phone calls to his office have expressed opposition to the “so-called compromise that the president negotiated with the Republicans”.

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