Webster and Noem Meet First With Lobbyists

Two Republicans who were elected a month ago to the U.S. House of Representatives aren’t even sworn in to office yet, but already they’re meeting with lobbyists who are bringing large amounts of cash to help pay for their re-election campaigns

Tomorrow afternoon, Daniel Webster, who will replace Alan Grayson for Florida’s 8th congressional district, is scheduled to visit the offices of the BGR Group, also known as BGR Holding, a lobbying firm. There, Webster will meet with people who have brought cash in exchange for the opportunity to talk about policy with him.

The day after that, Kristi Noem, who will replace Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin as South Dakota’s at-large U.S. Representative, will walk into those same lobbyist offices for a lunch meeting at which she will take money from people representing different corporate interests.

BGR Group, the lobbyist firm that’s sponsoring new Representatives Webster and Noem this week, has many corporate clients. Among them are:

– Alfa Bank
– Arrow Oil
– Mortgage Insurance Companies of America
– Housing Finance Alliance
– China Trust Financial Holding Co.
– Eli Lilly
– Kenyon Energy
– GlaxoSmithKline
– Northrup Grumman
– Level Global Investors
– Raytheon
– PJSC Trustbank
– W Industries
– Thaksin Shinawatra

To be fair, not all of BGR’s lobbying clients are corporate. For example, BGR also represents India, the glorious republic of Kurdistan, Poland and the American Chamber of Commerce in China.

Which of these interests will Representatives Webster and Noem be tutored by this week?

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