Senate Can’t Pass Climate Bill. Building Names Come First

During the 2010 congressional campaigns, Democratic voters were asked to imagine what might happen if Senator James Inhofe were to replace Senator Barbara Boxer as chair of the Senate Committee on Public Works. That would be a disaster, they were told.

But, what would the specific differences be? Ask yourself what great environmental legislation, that you can name off the top of your head, was passed by the U.S. Senate over the last two years.

What about legislation to deal with climate change? The Senate never got around to that, although it had a strong Democratic Party majority, as did the House, with a Democratic President who had promised to push through climate legislation.

To be fair, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee has had a lot to do. Consider what the committee is doing this week. While that climate legislation never was even introduced by Senate Democrats, on Tuesday this week, Barbara Boxer will lead the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to consider 4 very, very important environmental bills: One bill to rename a courthouse, and three bills to rename federal office buildings.

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