Steve Stivers Cashes In

In his winning bid for the 15th District congressional seat in Ohio, Steve Stivers took $888,080 in Political Action Committee money from various corporate interests. On top of that, he raked in $735,153 from corporate executives and lobbyists. 3 out of 4 dollars contributed to Steve Stivers came from these sources.

Congressional Campaign contributions to Steve Stivers, 2009-2010 (through October 13, 2010)

And now that he’s won an election on the basis of corporate money, Steve Stivers is cashing in his new position as a U.S. Representative by calling a party to be thrown in Washington, DC in his honor. Who gets to attend? Not the everyday people of Ohio who he’s supposed to represent. Instead, his guests of honor will be PACs and people of enough wealth to afford the price tag: up to $5,000 a plate at the swanky Capitol Hill Club.

Actually, you couldn’t make it to the party even if you could somehow find the cash: you weren’t invited and you’ve heard about it too late to attend; as I write these words the reception is wrapping up in a room filled with the right kind of people, not the noisy little people. All proceeds from the ticket price paid by PACs and well-funded lobbyists will go to Steve Stivers’ 2012 campaign. For the next election cycle, Congressman Stivers has already tipped the balance in corporations’ favor.

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on “Steve Stivers Cashes In
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