2nd Edition Of That’s My Congress Card Game Released

Politics in Congress is a big game.

We can think of that statement as a condemnation, or as an invitation to the curious. When people put down the government in Washington D.C. in general, or Congress in particular, they forget that these bodies are representational. The federal government expresses the will of the American people, for good and for ill. When we see games taking place on Capitol Hill, it’s because there are games we’re playing in the nation as a whole.

So, let’s embrace the political games of Congress – and play the game ourselves. The That’s My Congress card game gives us the chance to do that. It’s a game in which players compete against each other, using members of the U.S. House of Representatives as pawns in the effort to achieve political domination.

Play your Bob Filner and Donna Edwards cards against your opponent’s Walter Jones and Ron Paul cards to pass high speed rail legislation and gain a chance to challenge Eric Cantor with a rookie candidate of your own. Watch out for sex scandals and political defections, and pay attention to the details, because many cards offer big loopholes to the perceptive. Think of it as a kind of Fantasy Congress league.

Last week saw the release of the second edition of the card game, with new rules and a streamlined system that allows for fast-paced play while retaining the strategic complexity of the original system. This second edition is the last set with members of the 111th Congress. The 2010 elections removed many politicians from real time play, and they’ll be gone from the 3rd edition set, due out in January.

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