Real Green Alternative To DeMint in South Carolina

In the South Carolina race for the U.S. Senate, awkward newcomer Alvin Greene’s flailing Democratic challenge has made incumbent Jim DeMint seem like a shoe-in for re-election. However, in the hubbub about Greene’s out-of-nowhere victory in the Democratic primary, an important fact was overlooked by the mainstream news media: There is another, more established Green in the race: The Green Party’s candidate for U.S. Senate in South Carolina, Tom Clements.

Clements isn’t likely to defeat corporate-funded Senator DeMint, but he does have the opportunity to make the South Carolina Green Party a significant player in the southern state’s politics. To that end, the Clement for Senate campaign is focusing on an education campaign encouraging Democrats and Republicans alike to stop before reflexively voting straight down the party line on the South Carolina ballot, and consider voting according to the merits of the candidate… and specifically to vote for Tom Clements. South Carolina’s ballot has a quick vote option for voting down a party line, but it’s still possible to vote for a single candidate off the party line even after checking a single party on the ballot.

Instructions for how to do so can be found here.

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on “Real Green Alternative To DeMint in South Carolina
One Comment on “Real Green Alternative To DeMint in South Carolina

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