Ending Spending Targets The Most Right Wing House Democrats

A secretive organization that calls itself the Ending Spending Fund is reporting this morning that it has made hundreds of thousands of dollars of independent expenditures for advertisements against three Democratic incumbents in the House of Representatives. Ending Spending is based in Florida, with its official headquarters in an accountant’s office – the mailing address of its official treasurer (Ending Spending won’t reveal the name of its President, or any other leaders of the organization). None of the three U.S. Representatives hit by Ending Spending’s attack ads this morning are from Florida, though.

The targeted congressmen are listed below. See what they have in common.

Chet Edwards: Progressive Action Score: 25/100
John Spratt: Progressive Action Score: 25/100
Walt Minnick: Progressive Action Score 38/100

All three of this Ending Spending’s targets in the House of Representatives this morning are among the most right wing Democrats in Congress. In our House Progressive Scorecard, these Democrats don’t even come close to getting a passing grade. They’ve each supported very little progressive legislation, and have often turned to vote with the Republican Party.

So, why is Ending Spending targeting the most right wing Democrats in Congress, instead of going after the liberals? It’s certain that Ending Spending isn’t a liberal group. Nancy H. Watkins, the accountant who is listed as the Treasurer, is a registered Republican and has often worked for the Republican Party in the past. Furthermore, none the politicians targeted by Ending Spending’s independent expenditures are Republicans.

However, if Ending Spending’s mission were truly ideological in its nature, the organization would be targeting the most liberal members of the House of Representatives, not those among the furthest to the right. It seems that Ending Spending’s motivation is merely to target the most vulnerable Democrats, in an effort to bring the Republican Party into power. Ending Spending appears to be part of the Republican machine, less interested in ideals than in promoting the Republican Party’s grip on Washington D.C.

The Ending Spending Fund has promised to report the identities of its donors to the Federal Election Commission, but so far, it has made no such report. On October 13, Ending Spending reported that it had received no contributions at all. But then, just a week later, Ending Spending began spending huge amounts of money, nearing one million dollars so far.

Consider what kind of organization it would take to pull in that much cash in just a week’s time, and it becomes clear that Ending Spending arranged for its donors to all give their money in a coordinated rush, right after its “pre-general” donation report that reported zero dollars in donations. As a result of this scheme, Ending Spending now won’t have to report the identity of any of its donors until after Election Day, preventing them from becoming a campaign issue.

It’s ironic that an organization that calls itself Ending Spending is itself willing to spend large amounts of money to control the political process in the United States. Whoever the donors are that have given Ending Spending so much money to throw around, be they corporations, foreign sources, big churches or heirs to family fortunes, one thing’s for sure – they’re not the kind of organizations that are hurting for money. Ending Spending represents the wealthy and the powerful, not the working families of America who are struggling to make ends meet.

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on “Ending Spending Targets The Most Right Wing House Democrats
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