Ami Bera Targeted By Secretive Corporate Sources

The organization calls itself Citizens for Economic and National Security, but it isn’t very national. It’s spending money to warp just one congressional campaign in the nation: The congressional contest between incumbent Republican Dan Lungren and Democratic challenger Ami Bera in California’s 3rd district.

If Citizens for Economic and National Security is really made up of “citizens”, in the plural, it isn’t telling who those citizens are. Only one person’s name is associated in public records for the group: Kelly Lawler, who is serving as the Treasurer of the group.

Kelly Lawler works for the Bovee Company, a fundraising firm in Willow, California. Her clients have included Assemblyman Ted Gaines, Assemblyman Dan Logue, and Assemblyman Cameron Smyth in the California State Government.

Lawler is a campaign finance mercenary, working to move money around to benefit politicians. Now, someone has hired Lawler to file the papers to set up Citizens for Economic and National Security. The question remains: Who hired Kelly Lawler to create Citizens for Economic and National Security?

I can’t tell you. That information is being hidden from the public.

Just who is providing the money to Citizens for Economic and National Security to spend on influencing the congressional election in California’s 3rd district? In the official registration form for Citizens for Economic and National Security “it will accept contributions of any amount”.

Who did Citizens for Economic and National Security take money from? They took it from big corporations, like Pacific Coast Companies, the parent company of Epic Plastics, Inc., and powerful corporate executives like Greg Geiser, President of the Wedgewood Enterprise Corporation.

This much is clear: Citizens for Economic and National Security is not a genuine activist organization. It has no known offices. Its mailing address is a post office box. The telephone number provided to the Federal Election Commision for the organization is just a telephone number at the Bovee Company.

Citizens for Economic and National Security is a front organization for corporations and the executives and elitist investors who profit from them. Citizens for Economic and National Security has made it its business to destroy the political career of Dr. Ami Bera.

Why? Dr. Ami Bera seeks to promote policies that would help working Americans instead of catering to corporate special needs.

Ami Bera would protect the coast of California from a disaster like the explosion and oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon. Bera is a strong opponent of dangerous offshore drilling, stating, “The potential benefits of offshore drilling are easily outweighed by the profound risks posed to our oceans and coastal economies. In Congress, I will fight for more promising energy solutions that can move us further and faster towards our goals of environmental sustainability, economic prosperity and national security. I will also support greater oversight and regulation to ensure existing operations are held to the highest standards of safety and accountability.”

Ami Bera supports efforts to make health care affordable and accessible to all Americans, even when that means trouble for the big pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Bera explains, “It is possible to build upon a Medicare-like delivery system that would offer every American a baseline policy, which could then be extended into richer coverage if an individual or employer so desires. This is premised upon the private sector delivering care, with the government contracting out providers and holding these providers accountable for quality, cost-effectiveness, and equity of care. Within this system, patients would be able to pick their health insurance and doctor – and keep the ones they currently have if they choose. Health care costs would be reined in through greater competition and accountability, and insurance companies would be prohibited from denying care based on preexisting conditions. “

It isn’t just the corporate representatives of Citizens for Economic and National Security that are coming after Ami Bera. Billionaires against Bera are also funneling their money through the secretive channel of “American Crossroads”, an organization run by former lobbyist and Bush-era insider Karl Rove. Explains Bera’s campaign, “American Crossroads is funded and operated almost exclusively by Wall Street special interests, corporate lobbyists, and Big Oil executives — including a former Enron lobbyist, the owner of the financial investment giant AIG, and the manager of one of the world’s largest hedge funds. As of June, 97% of the money American Crossroads raised came from four billionaires, including two oil and gas billionaires.”

It’s telling that corporate executives who have made huge profits from defrauding the American people are now coming after Ami Bera. They think that they can buy the U.S. Congress.

The voters of California’s 3rd congressional district have the right to prove them wrong.